Investor Packs

Investor Packs are available in the store for a limited quantity. They are fairly straight forward and work as follows:

You receive 70% of the value of the packs purchased up front, and then a recurring 5% every month, forever.

For example, a $100 pack will get you $70 worth of Bonds in game immediately, and a $5 Bond every single month after.

You may purchase multiple and in varying amounts. The monthly rewards are based on your total 'investment' and will be a recurring 5% of your total purchased.

Disclaimer: The name of this item is for exemplary purposes only, and does not constitute an ownership stake in ValhallaRS and not come with an expectation of real monetary gain. It is to highlight the mechanism of the item which is akin to that of an investment, wherein you receive back more than you put in. This is no different than purchasing an in game bond, but with the added bonus of being rewarded more for continuing to enjoy the game.
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