TIER 1 [RESOLVED] Cannon & Catacombs

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Tag: @Tier 1 maybe Tier 2 since mobs run outside range into walls?Screenshot (18).png
Title: Cannon does not check for multi-combat and areas where cannon is not allowed (Stronghold of Security)
  • Bug: When using a cannon in a single-way combat area mobs get attacked by the cannon regardless of whether you are in combat or not. Causing all mobs to retread (many times into walls causing collision bugs)
  • Replicate: Use the cannon in any single-way combat area where multiple mobs can be attacked.
  • Bounty: During normal use of cannon to speed up slayer tasks... also set up cannon in stronghold to test if it checked areas where cannon is not normally allowed.

Tag: @Tier 1
Title: Catacombs walls are glitched (you can walk through them)
  • Bug: Player and NPC's can walk through the catacombs walls.
  • Replicate: Teleport to catacombs immediately click on the hill giants north-east. Character should walk straight through the wall instead of going around. This also happens when slaying abyssal demons (they teleport to other rooms and teleport you to other rooms as well. (you can just walk back into the abyssal room
  • Bounty: During slayer task in the catacombs.

Ghost in the stronghold of security have a small glitch when attacking...Screenshot (20).png


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The ghosts having the wrong animation IDs and the catacombs not having clipping on some spaces I have resolved and those will be in the next update.

I've not been able to reproduce what you've reported regarding the cannon. We've been aware of a visual client sided issue that occurs sometimes where it offsets where npcs appear to be even though its not their actual location - I'm not sure if this is what you're running into there in that screenshot but nonetheless I have not been able to find any issue with the cannon aside from the fact that it will continue to attack other npcs even if you are in combat with one when it should only shoot at the one you are in combat with and only shoot at everything when you aren't in combat (and also when your cannon is on the other side of a wall and you attack an npc on your side of it, the cannon will shoot through the wall when it shouldn't - but only if you're attacking.)

If you could hit me up on discord and see me in game to both get your rewards for the other ones and to help me in game to reproduce the cannon issue so that I can see whats going on with it as far as what you're saying the npcs are clipping into the wall when being attacked by the cannon.
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